Zine Dream has just announced the call for exhibitors for its seventh annual show!

Zine Dream is a celebration of self-publishing that takes place at the TRANZAC (292 Brunswick Ave.)  Each year features over 60 exhibitors selling artist books, comics, music, zines, handmade crafts, prints and much more!

This year, Zine Dream will happen on Sunday Aug. 10, from 12 - 5 in the afternoon with additional programming taking place on Friday Aug. 9 and Saturday Aug. 10 - TBA!


Register for your table here - http://zinedream.com/

Full tables (approx 4-5’ of space) are $30 and half tables are $15. Space is limited and registration is only open until June 15th, so sign up soon!

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    Wish you could go, Amy! But I’ll have your zines there. I can send you something back, too :)
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    I’d love to apply to zine dream but I’ll be at a printmaking residency in August. You all should go and pick me up...
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